Webroot Download


webroot.com/safe is the platform through which you can activate your purchased Webroot Subscription and then download it. Once, the downloading process is over you can install it to access the various features of Webroot. 


Where do you get the product key required for the activation? 

Webroot Product Key is a code that consists of 20 digit alphanumeric characters. You can use this code at the time of activation via webroot.com/safe. The location of the product key varies according to how you have purchased the Webroot subscription. 

Online Store Of Webroot

If you have purchased the Webroot product online, you will receive the product key code in the purchase confirmation email.

Retail Store

Besides this, if you have purchased it from a retail store, you will get the key code inside the box that you get at the time of purchase. Else, the product key is printed on the box of the card.

How To Activate and Download the Purchased Webroot Subscription via “webroot.com/safe”? 

  • Reach the activation window of Webroot just by entering the web address “webroot.com/safe”. 
  • Subsequently, it will bring you to the desired web page of Webroot. 
  • In the following window, you have to input the email address in the given field. Here, you have to ensure that you must enter the email address linked with this account. 
  • Along with this, you also have to input the 20 digits alphanumeric Webroot Product key code. Re-check the keycode after entering into its corresponding field. 
  • Thereafter, simply you have to select the orange-colored “Next” tab. You will locate this tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will redirect you to the downloading window of Webroot. Move further just by clicking on the link of Webroot Download”. Consequently, it will start the downloading process. 

How to Install the downloaded setup file of Webroot for webroot.com/safe? 

On Windows PC

  • Access the download folder and double-click on it to open the same.
  • The next screen asks you to input the Webroot Product KeyCode. Enter the same in the provided text field accurately. 
  • After this, review all the terms and conditions by simply tapping on the “View the Webroot Software License Agreement”. 
  • In the end, tap on the “Agree & Install” tab to complete the installation process via “webroot.com/safe”. 

On Mac PC

  • Access the download folder and double-click on it to open the same.
  • Now, you have to drag the Webroot icon from your installation into your “Application folder”. 
  • Right-click on the icon in order to open it on your screen.
  • Subsequently, input the product key code in the corresponding field.
  • Go through all the terms and conditions by simply tapping on the “View the Webroot Software License Agreement”.
  • Continue with the webroot.com/safe process by tapping the “Activate” button. 
  • Input the Mac User credentials accurately and click “Ok”. This starts the process of installation of the software, and wait for it to complete.

On Mobile Devices 

  • Access the “Play Store” or “App Store” as per your preferred mobile device. 
  • Next, within the search field, type “Webroot”, and select “Webroot” from the options available. 
  • Click on the “Install” or “Get” tab as per the option available.
  • Tap on “Skip” if you don’t have a Webroot key code. On the other hand, if you have the keycode click on “Activate”. Input the Security Code in the respective fields. 
  • Once the purchased subscription is activated, tap “Ok”

In the end, tap on the “Finish” tab.