How To Choose a Webroot Antivirus Product?

How To Choose a Webroot Antivirus Product

Webroot Antivirus is one of the best cybersecurity solution available for users in this present world of fast-growing online threats. It understands that the security requirements of users vary greatly on account of their computing environment, usage, budget etc. As such, there couldn’t be one product that serves the security purpose of every user. For this reason, it offers an extensive list of products with flexible Subscription Plans. For example, Download Webroot Antivirus, Internet Security Plus, Internet Security Complete, Antivirus for Gamers etc. along with a number of products under the Business category. While this versatility ensures that you get the best possible solution for your security concerns. However, some users might feel overwhelmed with this variety. Even otherwise, it is very important to get the product that is most apt for your requirements.     

You can choose the best Webroot Antivirus product in two distinct ways. Either you can compare the available options on Webroot’s official website and make a selection. Or, you can let the website determine the best Webroot Antivirus product based by providing some basic information. 

But, before selecting your preferred Webroot Antivirus, it is essential to understand the factors that you must consider for the selection.

Factors That Influence Your Choice

  1. Protection Coverage i.e. effectiveness against the kind of threats. 
  2. Dependency upon System Resource and Influence on Computer’s Speed/ Performance.
  3. Additional Features like Parental Controls, Cloud Back-up, VPN, Secure Browser etc. 
  4. OS Compatability and Multiple Device Protection i.e. the number of devices protected with a single plan.
  5. Ease of Setup and Use with user-friendly Interface.

Ways To Determine The Best Webroot Antivirus Product

➜ Help Me Choose

  1. Open a Web Browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. 
  2. Launch “” by typing the URL accurately in your Browser’s Address Bar. As you press the “Enter” key on your keyboard, it will open the required webpage.
  3. The very first factor in reaching your desired Webroot Antivirus Product is deciding the purpose of your usage. In other words, whether you want it for your Home or Business use. As such, click on either “For Home” or “For Business” tabs respectively. 
  4. From the extended Menu Box, click on the “Help Me Choose” tab. You may find it either under the “Get Started” section or the “Products” section.
  5. As a result, the required webpage of Online Form will turn up. 
  6. Now, you must answer five easy questions to determine your requirements as follows.
    • Number of Devices to Protect
    • Need Protection for Mobile Devices like Tablets, Smartphones etc.
    • Need to Protect and Manage Passwords.
    • Require Data Protection in the event of System Crash.
    • Need to Permanently Delete Data and Online Activity.
  7. Based on your Answers given for the above set of “Questions”, it will determine the most suitable alternative of Webroot Antivirus. 
  8. The following window displays the Product along with its actual cost and a link to purchase this product. 
  9. However, if you are still not sure. Then, click on the “Compare Products” tab and check its features against other products. Besides, you can re-run this test to make some changes in your requirement and get another option. For this, click on “Start Over”.

➜ Compare Products

  1. Visit “”.
  2. Click on “For Home” or “For Business” as per the purpose of your purchase.
  3. Select “Compare Products”.
  4. The following window presents a detailed comparison of the available Webroot Antivirus Products in terms of Features, Performance and Reviews.
  5. Hence, go through the details very carefully.
  6. Then, select the option that gives you the best value for money while taking care of most of your security concerns.   

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